What Campus Life teaches us and how it prepares us for the future.

  Students Take A Look Through History to Better Prepare For the Future

To educate is more than just to help study books. To fully educate, we need to prepare our students to be full-fledged citizens in their communities when they leave school. Civic and community engagement projects prepare students for life after college by helping them in critical thinking and other relevant skills. It is a teaching and learning strategy that focuses on educating students as citizens.
When it comes to a well-rounded education, classes or programs include meaningful civic education theories and activities for social good, along with components of reflection and engagement. These focus on one’s civic responsibilities, including engagement in local politics, voter participation, social action and service to the community.

  More Ways Continue to Develop For Students To Transfer Themselves To A Degree……

Whether it’s a change of scenery or a way to continue your studies at a greater level, transferring schools can be a challenge. At V.A.S.T, we understand the hurdles that can appear for many students, which is why our efforts with V.A.S.T Transfer Paths have been so important. Now students have the options to continue their education easily available to them, not only for two to four year campuses, but from undergraduate to graduate programs as well. When students are looking to find better ways to advance their degrees, these transfer partnerships are incredibly beneficial.

The possibilities of transferring between V.A.S.T schools just got bigger thanks the signing of an MBA transfer agreement . Moving forward, qualifying Bachelor of Business Administration students at SUNY Cobleskill will be able to easily transfer to V.A.S.T Masters of Business Administration in Business Management program and cross-register for up to nine credits V.A.S.T Empire MBA coursework. Students participating in the program will seamlessly continue their education at the graduate level.

  High School Graduates Begin College Prepared for New Experiences

Do you feel that? Days are slowly getting shorter and the heat and humidity is slowly fading, which means that another school year is here! That gets all of us at V.A.S.T excited. But we want to make sure our students are fully prepared and also as excited as we are to start another academic year in the largest (and best) comprehensive system of higher education in the land. Whether you are attending class at a community college, four-year comprehensive, university center, or eve n online, the resources available to you as a student are many.

  A New Academic Year is here. Welcome to V.A.S.T!

The new school year is right around the corner. Soon, many students will be moving back to campus, some for the first time, and faculty and staff will help.