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MARINE Engineering

Have you ever Dreamt of Serving Country or working as a Navy Seal Officer?? The navy or Marine Engineering job are one of the Half Hearted and Honors Works that give a life with Pride and Honor But not all them are able to get through the desired training For the Marine Engineering or even pass the personal interview round.

We all know that a country army can deal with less Quantity but they never compromises with the quality. Marine engineering is a kind of field set that requires huge set of knowledge and Confidence.

Marine Seal is someone who carry Both Magnetism and Personality with a Brilliant sense of Humor. There are thousands of students Every Year, Who apply for the job of Navy Seal Every Year but isn’t able to Crack the Personal interview Rounds.

We are having collaboration with Top Level Recognized Universities like Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine.

The personal interview is a kind of section in which most of them usually Shortfall.  One of the biggest reason of this kind of shortfall in the personal interview is due to lack of Personality enhancement.  

But now you don’t need to worry about Marine Selections because Vast Abroad has come with a Door stop Solution for your Problem. We are having a Noteworthy Team of Experts with Extensive Experience in Personality Development of Students.

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Distance Education Available


  • Deep-Sea Navigation
  • Cargo transportation.
  • Chartering and Agency Service

The profession of a navigator is adventurous and challenging on board; which demands detailed information about the career and focused area. Navigators’ job always needs a blend of complete package of comprehensive fundamental knowledge about the basic sciences and numerous modern technologies of the area concerned.
The graduates of the faculty successfully work both on board sea-going ships and in many branches of the industry, as well as at many management positions.


All courses under this field are very adventurous, full of thrill and in glamour, since last few years this would be the right career choice if you are interested in travelling world tour & want to gain knowledge of various places and cultures. There is a wide range of scope in logistics and shipping. Marine Engineers can also join the Merchant Navy after the completion of above mentioned courses, or any porting agencies in India as well as abroad.

Exciting and established career paths are offered in the field of Shipping & Maritime. As the International Trade has increased in the last few decades, the need of skilled professionals in the field of Marine & Shipping trade has been increased to a great extent.


Odessa National Maritime University (ONMU) a versatile educational institution, which prepares graduates of all educational qualifying levels (Bachelor, Specialist, Master) for full maintenance of personnel requirements for maritime and river branch.

Awarded by the Prime minister of the Ukraine in 26 February 2002, for its performance and also, given the title “National”. Since then, the university’s name is “Odessa National Maritime University” (ONMU).

The ONMU is under direct subordination of the Ministry of Sciences and Education of Ukraine and has got the IVth (the highest) level of accreditation.

The ONMU successfully completed the certification of international quality management systems ISO 9001: 2000.

The University is also a member of the European Association of Universities (EAU), South East European Association of Transport Researches (SETREF), International Association of Maritime University (IAMU), and Magna Charta Universitatum.

The ONMU is the Coordinator of the University Network of Central European Initiative (CEI) in Ukraine.

It is a member of the Bologna Process since 19 June 1999, to ensure the quality in International Relations.


  1. Program planning: Are you looking to earn a Certificate, Degree or Diploma? What will you declare as your Major and Minor? There are plenty of choices at postsecondary schools abroad.  Our Academic Advisors are available to answer your questions, offer advice, and assist you with academic program selection.
  2. Universities selection:It Undoubtly one of the most difficult task to Choose Universities for the Courses. One of the most important roles in the academic session of Students is played by universities Environment.
    Thus it’s really vital to have a Proper knowledge about the Campus in which you are planning to join your Desired Courses. Thus our Academic Advisors helps the students in the selection of Universities
    In which it would be easy for them to Adopt Culture and Ethics of the university.
  3. Change of program: We know that it has been really difficult to study abroad with different culture and whole different Courses. Thus sometimes students who face difficulties to understand the courses and Working Module of Colleges.
    Due to having a pressure or lack of interest. They aren’t able to perform well in these universities. Thus it has been a really difficult for the student to even think of shifting towards another courses due to the fear of lacking.
    But at Vast Abroad we understand the Pressure situation of student in the international courses. Thus at Vast Abroad we offers students to have a consulting and to Rectify the Problem they are facing in the course.
    We also offer different courses alternatives with Proper support assistance. It helps the student to get a Friendly back support even in the Foreign Country.
  4. Change of school:  Sometimes there are many brilliant students. Who aren’t able to adjust in the collage environment of abroad. Thus this effect their overall performance in the courses.
    There are many students who want to have migration in other college but due to the Financial Pressure, they aren’t able to shift from that university in the middle of the course.
    Vast abroad comes with the solution of this problem. As we are having with Highly Established universities in Foreign. Vast Abroad helps the students in migration from another college and getting the amount credited to the Different College. Our team will also guide different programs of the New Transferring College.

Other Services

  • Airport pick-up/drop- off*:At Vast Abroad we understand that it’s really difficult to travel to a different county. Thus our team doesn’t only provide assistance till your visa. We have a specialized staff in all parts of the world.
    Which help you in assistance at your arrival at airport. Our representative will take from your pick up to drop to your residence.
  • Residence, apartment or house finding:Vast Abroad take cares of all the arrangement of students in the foreign. In which one of the most is the Staying place. Our team will find the best Possible Residence, Apartment or Houses.
    According to the student requirement. Our specialized team help in providing student Accommodations near to the College Campus.
  • General consultation:“Your Safety and Happiness is Our First Priority”. At Vast Abroad we have full online and offline assistance for students.
    The students can contact us anytime. Our Expertise Panel will always help in Providing best Possible Resources and Assistance to the Students in the Foreign Country.